Friday, January 30, 2009

Jewish council in Germany breaks ties with Vatican; refuses to send spam emails

In the aftermath of Pope Benedict XVI’s reversal of the excommunication of a traditional Bishop who has denied the full extent of the Holocaust, the Central Council of Jews in Germany has declared that all its ties with the Vatican have now been cut off. There is no indication that communication will ever resume.

David Goldberg, spokesman for the CCJiG, explained that the decision to break off the relationship came after hours of deliberation among council members. “We really weighed out the pros and cons, but ultimately decided that is was best for us to just go our separate ways,” Goldberg says. “It’s a sad thing, but it needed to be done.”

The CCJiG was never a group of particular influence for the Vatican, who seems to ignore any outside feedback altogether. Instead, the two organizations enjoyed a very casual yet friendly relationship.

“Basically, we would forward those silly spam emails back and forth to each other,” Goldberg clarifies. "We had a lot of fun trading those emails with scriptural evidence that Barack Obama was the anti-Christ, and we also liked to trade religious jokes. You know, like those ‘A Catholic, a Jew and a Mormon walk into a bar…’ kind of jokes.”

But as the Pope supported the English-born Bishop who made claims about the non-existence of the Holocaust, the CCJiG felt that it was not worth the jokes to remain friends.

“It was just a low blow,” says Goldberg, “and totally unnecessary for him to do. Granted, it was a bit depressing for us to delete him from our Facebook friends list—we always enjoyed his status updates—but now the communication is done. It’s just done. You see this email here? ‘Send this message to 25 of your friends to find out who has a crush on you.’ Guess who won’t be getting this little nugget?”

Pope Benedict XVI was unavailable for questioning, but his Facebook status did read: “The CCJiG is a bunch of whiney troglodytes!”

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