Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Childs Nose Explodes : Puffs rethinking product

Daniel Evans's nose burst yesterday morning during the math section of his second grade class. He had walked up to get a tissue, proceeded to blow, and released a mushroom cloud of mucus.

"I was at the chalkboard reviewing the Sigmatic theorem," stated Clarice Richards, his second grade teacher. "Then I heard a loud pop, and saw Daniel fall on his back, snot all over his face, and a dry tissue floating downward."

Evans was taken to Mercy Hospital where they sewed his nose back together. He is in stable condition.

Dr. Hendley from the University of Virginia, stated that the "nose blowing generated enormous pressure — equivalent to a person's diastolic blood pressure—and propels mucus into the sinuses every time."

" This study has been shown again and again to the right people, and the only thing we have seen done about it is in government forms of torture and I'm told will be used in an upcoming 24 episode," Hendley said.

Procter and Gamble's brand Puff's has already been developing a new product line after finding similar results in their tests.

“After two mice and mongoose's eyes popped out during their animal testing we knew we needed to move in a different direction," said Michael Doghndry, lab manager of Puffs. "We have a prototype that we simply call 'the drainer' but that is all I can say."

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