Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Lays Out Game Plan for Economy

President Obama laid out his ‘game plan’ on Tuesday night to get the American economy back on track. The President made use of great locker room jargon such as “confront boldly the challenges we face” and our problems “don’t lie beyond our reach.” Mr. Obama tried to drive the “teamwork” aspect of his game plan home as he continued an attempt to rally the public around his own enthusiasm.

One of the focal points of his game plan is job creation in the private sector. The President explained this focus by saying, “The projects created by the stimulus package will create many more jobs in the private sector than within the government.” The President then drove the point home when he said, “…and the point guard will come off the screen and either hit the big man down low or take the open shot.”

During the speech, Vice President Biden, wrinkled his eyebrows and looked around for confirmation that what he was hearing from the President was indeed correct. This was most notable when the President explained that, “the onus on government spending will allow banks to get back on defense quickly so the other team doesn’t score an easy layup in transition.”

A historical moment occurred at the 6 minute mark of the President’s speech when the President stepped away from the podium and nailed two free throws at a basket erected for the occasion. The audience seemed confused but decided to cheer anyway. Harry Mantru, who was in stands, said he thought the part about the refs failing to call a three second violation on WaMu was particularly important because it suggested that key whistle blowers who should keep our banks healthy have been asleep on the job. Harry was also lucky enough to catch a T-shirt that was fired into the stands.

The President’s speech writer, Jon Favreau, was asked about how he came up with what many are calling an unusual speech at best.

“Well a few days ago the President asked me to write this speech about getting the economy back on track. But at the same time he asked me to take notes on the Maryland/UNC game which he was going to miss. I thought I made distinctions between the game notes and the speech but maybe there was some confusion. All in all I think the President did a fabulous job and I am glad that next year Americans will be able to submit tournament brackets in place of tax returns.”

The PA announced the speech’s attendance at 2,814.

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