Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Health Bill to Limit Drug Prescriptions to Patients Who Blogvertise

Pharmaceutical capitalists moved today to ensure that their evil empire will endure through the new health care plans being discussed within Congress and the White House. Through an endless campaign of lobbying and simple bribes the drug companies have pieced together congressional support for a bill that will only discount medications to those who peddle prescription drugs using The proposed bill would require patients seeking relief via prescription drugs to manage a blog whereby they write about the wonders, benefits, and general greatness of various prescription drugs. Guidance about which drugs to glorify would be provided through Once blog posts are deemed satisfactory by the website’s administrators, patients would become eligible for discounts to their needed medication.

This power play by the industry puts drug companies back in the driver’s seat and salvages any advantages that may have been put into jeopardy through health care nationalization.

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