Monday, June 1, 2009

Nintendo to release new “Wiiconomics: Obama Edition” game

While the auto industry suffered a huge blow today with GM officially filing for bankruptcy, the gaming arena seems to be doing just fine—especially if you’re Nintendo. The Japanese-based company announced today that it would be releasing its newest addition to the already stellar line-up of innovative and physically interactive games for its hit console, the Wii. The name of the game: Wiiconomics: Obama Edition.

Working closely with both the President and key members of his administration, such as Tim Geithner and Hillary Clinton, Wiiconomics: Obama Edition—or WOE as insiders have nicknamed it—allows the player to take the helm of White House fiscal policy and crush recessions and depressions with brute force. The game is intended to be both educational and good for your heart; you must use your brain-power while balancing on the Wii Fit to execute your moves.

“I find the game not only practical and realistic, but also damn entertaining,” an exuberant Geithner told reporters. “You really have to try hard to stay balanced on the Wii Fit while pushing your foot down on the throat of GM executives. But despite the strain, it’s so much fun to watch the life drain from their faces! It’s just like real life!”

But Geithner wasn’t the only one to give such a rave review. The president himself—whose endorsements are viewed as the Breath of Life—lauded the game and is encouraging Congress to write legislation requiring tax payer monies to pay for its dispersal across the nation.

“Naturally, it only took me an hour to beat the whole game,” Obama said, “but don’t expect to do that yourself. After all, this game is based on my economic prowess, so it’s no surprise that I rock the game.”

The president said that his favorite part of the game was when the player is faced with the end boss, the Beast of Capitalism. He said he enjoyed how the player was required to twist and squeeze the Wii controllers in a choking motion to suffocate the enemy.

“It’s just as I envisioned myself doing in the near future,” Obama beamed.

Nintendo says that this will be the first of many such games, and that gamers should anticipate the next version of Wiiconomics to be based on the policies of FDR. Much of this game, it is admitted, will involve having half your Wiiple dig a hole while the other half fill it.