Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Obama Peace Prize Linked to Collge Football

Thorbjorn Jagland was named chairman of the Nobel Prize committee thispast February. Little did the committee know that his real passionwas organized war on the college football field.
Upon hearing President Obama’s plan for the BCS Jagland quickly endorsed Obama for the Nobel Prize and invited others over to his house to watch his beloved Boise State team in his Ikea family room.

“I love the team!” He exclaimed in his office watching a game onESPN360.com. “It is my dream to see Boise State win the National Title.”

The night was filled with blue Kool-Aid, blue berry muffins, and a contest to yell “First and ten!” without an accent.

“I knew that in order to see the change that this world really needs (The downfall of the BCS), we would need a leader like President Obama. With his ambition, political push, and obvious athletic ability,being black, now was the time to act. The prize would be an undisputable argument in favor of the President.”

The BCS (Bowl College Series) is a system in college football that ranks teams with a point system to deem them worthy for a national title and other prestigious games. Many around the US and Sweden, including Obama and Jagland, feel strongly that a playoff system is needed.

“It’s simply stupid.” Obama said. “What other system to do you know ofthat automatically selects candidates according to their organization and provides them the only real chance to win? It’s biased and unfair,and only results in an undeserved champion.”

Despite Jagland’s passion for football, the committee is foreign toAmerican football. Jagland found a way to address football and Obama’s nomination with careful diction and Nobel Prize jargon.

“I said that Obama should be named the winner, ‘for his efforts to strengthen cooperation between peoples to meet global peace,’” said Jaglund. “It alludes to global affairs and peace, without being specific to the situation.”

Other committee members had no comment on the matter.“It starts here,” smiled a Thorbjorn sporting his favorite Boise Statehat, “First the Peace Prize, then the National Title!”